FAQ's - Bricks

Frequently Asked Questions - Recycled Bricks

Why recycled bricks?

They are great for the environment. Bricks make up 22% of all construction waste in landfill. For each recycled brick used in replacement of a new brick it reduces the amount of C02 emitted by 500g. On top of the environmental benefits they look great. Check out some of our customers' work on our instagram or facebook page.  

How heavy are the recycled bricks?

Dry pressed commons are around 4kg per brick so a pallet of 500 usually weighs 2 tonnes. 

Is there a minimum order?

No at Memates Recycled Warehouse no order is too small or too large. 

How are the recycled bricks delivered?

We use an external transport company who travel all over NSW. They can take a maximum of 15 pallets and use an all-terrain forklift so can place the bricks exactly where you like them on site (providing there is access for the forklift). 

What are the dimensions of the recycled bricks?

Standard bricks are 230mm x 110mm x 76mm 

How do I calculate how many recycled bricks I need?

You will usually use 40 bricks per square metre for paving and 52 bricks per square metre. 

What is the difference between wall grade and paving grade bricks?

If you are doing any paving you will need to purchase paving grade. A paving grade is of a higher grade and is essentially a complete brick.

If you are doing a feature wall or a whole house you can use either wall grade or paving grade. If you like the rougher look I would recommend wall grade.

See the images below as a reference.

Paving Grade Recycled Bricks

Above: Paving Grade Bricks

  Wall Grade Recycled Bricks

Above: Wall Grade Bricks